Trade-In Guarantee

Helping you stock up your printer with peace of mind.

We hear from a lot of customers that they don't reorder their ink until they run out. That means if they're desperate to print their only resort is to run to the shops and pay top price so they can have it on the spot.

The obvious question then becomes "why don't you just keep some spares on hand?", and the answer we get is always the same. People are afraid their printer will break down before they get around to using it, leaving them stuck with expensive cartridges they can't use. It's not an unfounded fear, let's face it a lot of the cheaper printers on the market these days are only designed to last 1-2 years.

That's why at Inkspot we've got our trade-in guarantee. You can stock up your ink & toner and if your printer croaks before you can use it, you can simply send any unopened cartridges back to us and we'll give you a credit you can put towards cartridges for your new printer. So always keep a spare set on hand and never be left running out halfway through a print job again!


The nitty gritty:

- only valid for Inkspot brand compatible products purchased through our online store

- cartridges must have been purchased in the last 18 months (sorry, old cartridges you found in your drawer from 10 years ago aren't much good to anyone).

- cartridges must be unused and still sealed in original packaging

- credit will be based on the cartridges you return and what you originally paid for them

- a small re-stocking fee may apply