Printer Stress Relief

Office life got you stressed out? Boss breathing down your neck? Deadlines piling up? And then to top things off the printer goes and jams...

There's just something about printers that has the ability to push us over the edge. I think we've all daydreamed at one time or other about taking to one with a cricket bat (a la Office Space). So here at Inkspot we thought we'd offer an outlet for some relief when it comes to your printer. Over the coming months we'll be coming up with some creative ways to destroy these troublesome little machines for your viewing pleasure. So please, enjoy...


Episode 1: Printer vs Gorilla

Episode 2: Printer Kung Fu

Episode 3: Burn Baby Burn

Episode 4: The Balcony Toss

Episode 5: Drag Race

Episode 6: Sledgehammer Smash